Sass Designs was started by actress and designer Sandi (Sass) Schultz who started out designing and sewing for herself. Friends and people who saw her designs were continually saying “I want one!”. This eventually prompted the start of her own range, sized from Va-voom to Va-va-va-voom, made to fit and flatter most women. 

Sass Designs features a non-seasonal range which can be layered according to the weather. 
The center-piece of this fledgling range is the 1-dress, an infinitely versatile garment which can be worn as many ways as you can imagine. From sporty to chic, from the beach to an evening out, from a first date, through pregnancy and beyond. The signature drapey blends used in this line lend an effortless flow to the garments that allow it to caress and compliment every curve. Sass Designs has been embraced with delight by women from Johannesburg to Los Angeles because of it’s unique versatility, stylish flair and an ability to be both practical as well as wearable art.